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Parasailing is a daring, enjoyable pursuit, mainly done as a form of recreation. Although there are competitions held for it, parasailing basically involves a fun ride high in the air with one taking pleasure in the views presented from up there. The more beautiful the scenery that awaits you, the better the experience that you have.

Parasailing for the first time

If this is your first time of parasailing, your introduction into this water adventure can be very thrilling. Before undertaking this fun in the air, you must be dressed properly, with measures taken by the operators to make sure that all the conditions are right, including appropriate weather and suitable parasailing equipment that is worn properly. When parasailing, some people are content with just gliding in the cool breeze up above, while others enjoy dipping in the water as they descend.

parasailing nice

Not your typical equipment

Although you will be wearing normal beach clothing when you parasail, there are some pieces of equipment that you must put on during the adventure that you should be ready to wear. They include a life jacket that keeps you safe if you end up in the water and a body harness, which is a kind of swing seat attached to either end of a passenger towbar.

Have an original experience

Another way to describe parasailing is that it is a unique and intriguing experience. Many do find the launch into the air much easier than they thought it would be. With the towline connected to the boat lifting the parasailing chute up into the air smoothly without any incident. The next thing that one finds is that he/she is already up there in the air sailing away.

Enjoy an exceptional view

As you parasail away in Nice, your flight will take you over the Angels Bay. Enjoy the beautiful view that this city presents from up to 90 feet high in a matter of minutes. Your sail in the air will present you with the opportunity of seeing the Villefranche Bay including the Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat.

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