The ultimate guide for an exceptional holiday

The holidays are close. You’re wondering about the destination of your next trip, but are short of ideas? Here are the most fashionable summer destinations. Spain, Greece, Norway, why not? Remember however that there are other types of holiday… Haven’t you ever dreamt of spending your holiday in an unusual location? If you are fed up with traditional holidays and are looking for new ideas and adventures, here are a few ideas and tips for spending your dream holidays in exceptionnal places…

Have your dream holiday in an exceptional location

Have your dream holiday in an exceptional location


A week in a gypsy caravan

Yes, the gypsy caravan is an exceptionnal place in which you can spend amazing holidays. Used for decades by travelling gypsies, the caravan has become the place for a mythical stay. You can stay there as a couple, with family or amongst friends! Made of wood, this holiday retreat garantees authenticity and a change of scenery. Suffice it to say that it is a good way of breaking the routine!

A tree house

This type of accommodation has become very popular thanks to the celebrities, the tree house is a favourite and exceptional retreat! If I may tell you a little anecdote, for their wedding night, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker chose this option! The tree house is definitely the right choice for spending a romantic night! Comfort and calm await you!

A lodge in the sahara

Lodges in the sahara allow you to travel and discover an unknown culture, without having to go very far! They are both romantic and warm places. Comfort and gentleness appease the atmosphere and all of the everyday worries are forgotten! Lodges allow you to discover nature in comfort. As a romantic couple or with the family, you decide! Relaxation and change of scenery await you!

A romantic canal boat

Canal boats rhyme with romance of course! If you want to have an exceptionnal stay with the person that you love, the canal boat is the right choice! The tranquillity, even solitude is a big advantage for this extraordinary holiday. You eat and sleep on the water, a unique moment to be shared!

Author: Amy Hall