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Choosing your holiday is important, but knowing where to stay is even more important. In France, we have the habit of going straight to hotel. In other European countries however, foreign holidaymakers attach a great importance to bed and breakfasts. The “gîtes de France” are a guarantee of quality of service and a renowned label.

Holiday cottage on the French Riviera, near the “Var”

Holiday cottage on the French Riviera, near the “Var”


It’s important to choose your accommodation according to:

–          The number of people

–          The type of accommodation

–          Your needs and expectations with regard to comfort and services

–          The town you would like to stay in

–          Whether there will be children staying with you

–          Whether you are bringing a pet with you

–          Whether you prefer the sea to the mountains

–          The theme of your stay

The “gîte rural”:

The “gîte rural” with cotedazur holidayrentals consists in renting a « furnished » rural space, close to the practical points of interest.

Whether you want to be in the middle of nature in the countryside, in the mountains or by the sea near the beaches, the gîtes have the characteristic of being located in the middle of nature or at the heart of small typical villages.

The architectural style respects the local construction charter for French towns and villages. Most of the time, they are individual holiday homes, sometimes semi-detached, or furnished in a bed and breakfast. This type of accommodation is fully equipped to satisfy the holidaymaker’s needs. They are usually rented on a weekly basis. These atypical rentals are very sought after during the school holidays, and are beginning to appeal to seniors more and more, during the « low season ». They may also be rented for a weekend.

To rate the gîtes, just like the stars for a hotel, they use wheat sheaths, going from 1 to 5, that rate the gîtes, to give visitors an idea of the level of comfort and « Gîtes de France » National Charter. The personalised and quality welcome is one of the great advantages of these rural gîtes.


Holiday cottage in the south of France

Holiday cottage in the south of France

Bed & breakfasts:

They are French style «Bed & Breakfasts ». The key concept of these bed and breakfasts is the welcome you receive with a private room, separate bathroom and breakfast included. It’s the ideal time to discover a region by staying with the owner for one or more nights, in a calm and pleasant environment. A bed and breakfast has a maximum of 5 bedrooms for 15 people. The owner has the task of helping his clients discover the local culinary specialities, the anecdotes and history of their region. All bed and breakfasts are regularly inspected and rated in order to maintain a regular level of quality service.

The City break:

The city break signifies the quality and service of the gîtes de France and bed and breakfasts, but in a town of more than 20 000 inhabitants. You can rent apartment in Nice . This type of accommodation is close to transport and cultural and commercial points of interest and is identical to the gîte in terms of content.


The Cottage in the countryside: calm & nature

The Cottage in the countryside: calm & nature

Camping :

Camping in a farm assures a personalised welcome for campers and caravanners on a fully equipped piece of land, close to a farm.

Please share your holiday experiences with us, whether in a bed and breakfast or right in the middle of nature!

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