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Are you planning to kite at your next getaway? You will obviously have to choose a destination that allows you to practice this sport. For your greatest pleasure, there are good spots all over the world. You will be spoilt for choice.

Find the ideal spot for kitesurfing

Kiting is less demanding than surfing. Indeed, you don’t need big waves to be able to launch yourself. What you need most of all is wind and a large open space. It is indeed essential that no obstacles stand in your way, at least not directly. The perfect spot is also the one that adapts to your level and of course the scenery should not be ignored. What could be more pleasant than letting yourself be carried along by your wing in an environment that enchants you ?


Le Morne in Mauritius

Go to the south-western tip of this island in the middle of the Indian Ocean to find Le Morne, an immense turquoise lagoon bordered by white sand. The presence of the mountains gives more power to the wind, which augurs particularly pleasant sessions. Moreover, the wind season extends willingly until December, sometimes until January, which gives you some leeway in the organisation of your stay. The shallowness of the bay is another advantage that Le Morne puts at your disposal. Whatever your level, you will be able to kitesurf without any worries with an immense green rock as a backdrop.

Lancelin in Australia

Lancelin awaits you on the west coast of Australia, less than 2 hours north of Perth. Popular with crayfish fishing enthusiasts, the town is even more popular with kitesurfing lovers. Beginners can enjoy the flat water, while the more adventurous will find their happiness away from the reefs. The kitesurfing season starts around November/December and lasts until March. The spot of Lancelin is very well known, so you will be able to meet other riders with whom to share your passion and why not practice other water sports like SUP.

Fortaleza in Brazil

The wind statistics of the region are ideal for planning your kitesurfing sessions between July and February. The water temperature is also stabilised at around 20-25°C. Add to that the playground is huge! Approximately 1h30 east of Fortaleza, the spot of Canoa Quebrada which is surrounded by ochre-coloured cliffs is ideal for a downwind. The spot of Taiba, west of Fortaleza, seduces more by its versatility. The freeriders and unconditional downwind enthusiasts are particularly happy to meet there. It is nevertheless 90 km from Fortaleza that you will find the best spot: Paracuru. Flat water and waves make the happiness of kitesurfers of all levels. It is nevertheless advisable to plan your sessions on Sundays because there are often many people.

Hamata in Egypt

The lagoon is nestled in a natural park. Its sandy bottom is completely devoid of rocks and coral, promising a pleasant and safe practice for beginners. Moreover, the water is not very deep as it submerges an average person from knees to shoulders. It is between September and June that the spot lends itself best to kitesurfing. In the early morning, the average speed is around 12-15 knots and can reach 20 knots by mid afternoon. It is still possible to ride in July and August. However, the wind is much less stable and the waves are more powerful. Sun, wind and crystal clear water are the keys to the success of this spot located in the great Egyptian south.

Mui Ne in Vietnam

From October until the end of April, Mui Ne welcomes kiteboarders who come to glide on the China Sea. The spot in the village lends itself perfectly to autonomous sessions as well as initiations. If you already have experience, don’t hesitate to head to Nui Suoc. The spot which extends at the foot of the dunes guarantees you a complete change of scenery. On the wind side, the average speed ranges from 20 to 30 (even 35) knots. As for the sea, expect a pleasant temperature of around 27°C. After braving the wind and the sea, don’t hesitate to explore this fishing village with its many colonial remains.

Dakhla in Morocco

In Dakhla, the water temperature is constant at 22-25°C all year round. The wind also blows at a speed of 15-25 knots in all seasons and always in a north/north-easterly direction. Beginner, intermediate or experienced kitesurfer, you will live great adventures in this lagoon nestled in the middle of the desert. You will even be able to push your discovery as far as the Atlantic spots which are not very far from Dakhla, just to vary the pleasures. It is a perfect destination to progress in kitesurfing.

Cabarete in Dominican Republic

Heading towards the northwest coast, in the heart of the province of Puerto Plata. In this Caribbean destination, the wind speed stabilises at around 17 to 25 knots at any time of the year. A coral reef stands about 300 meters from Kite Beach, the main playground for kite surfers who come to Cabarete. Waves can reach 1 or 2 meters to give free rein to your desires. Every year Cabarete hosts a stage of the Master of the Ocean, the kite world cup. It is to tell you that the spot has everything you need to make you live an extraordinary session.

spot kitesurf

Hyères in France

From La Bergerie to the Almanarre, via Madrague, it’s nothing but happiness! And Hyères has other internationally renowned spots that you will have the opportunity to discover during your stay. This destination located on the shores of the Mediterranean guarantees you an optimal quality of sunshine. It is possible to practice kitesurfing from March to December even if the temperatures start to drop at the end of September. You can let the wind carry you to one side or the other of the peninsula of Giens and thus vary the sensations promised by the wide variety of beaches. Moreover, the spot is suitable for all levels of riders.

Maui in Hawaii in the United States

As the island of Maui is shaped like a peanut, this configuration is ideal for ensuring a constant wind speed. Sessions are available all year round, but the period from March to October promises more constant winds.

The spot is accessible on foot from Kanaha Beach. The water is mostly flat, but there is the prospect of chop and waves depending on the season. If you are particularly fond of big waves and intense emotions, Jaws is a pearl of the north coast not to be missed under any circumstances.

El Medano in the Canary Islands

This spot in the south of Tenerife enjoys constant winds at all times of the year. Kitesurfers come here mainly in spring and summer but you can perfectly plan your session in the middle of winter if you wish. Here the bottom is sandy and the direction of the waves is quite variable. All variations of kitesurfing are possible in El Medano. In addition, the destination enjoys a very dynamic nightlife and various restaurants line the spot. So there are many opportunities to have fun whether in town, on the beach or carried by the wind over the sea.


You have understood perfectly: it is possible to let yourself be enchanted by the pleasure of kitesurfing at any time of the year if you choose your spot well. Of course, don’t forget to check the weather forecast in order to avoid possible storms and thunderstorms which may limit the possibilities.

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