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You will spend your holidays in a sunny destination bordered by the sea and offering a multitude of activities. It is a desire that Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat will satisfy without a shadow of a doubt. A good preparation will make you live new experiences that’s why we propose you some interesting tracks in anticipation of your stay.

Rent a magnificent villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Your holidays will go as smoothly as possible if you opt for a seasonal rental. The goal is simple: to make you feel at home in a top-of-the-range property.

holiday saint jean cap ferrat

You have the prospect of residing in a charming villa surrounded by a magnificent landscaped garden and which may have an outdoor swimming pool as an extension of a terrace. You can also go for a contemporary house overlooking the sea, without facing people, spacious enough to accommodate a dozen people.

An intimate property with a teak or marble terrace, a holiday house equipped with a wine cellar, a gym just for you, here is a taste of holidays in a prestigious residence on the French Riviera.

It is better to call on a professional instead of peeling through the thousands of advertisements. You will be able to detail your preferences and needs: several villas in the same property, number of places required for the garage, desired relaxation areas. Having a sauna at home is not a luxury when staying in St Jean Cap Ferrat. Indeed, local real estate meets very specific requirements.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the region

The coastline of the South of France is renowned for its countless facets that satisfy all holidaymaker profiles.

The Cros dei Pin also known as the beach of the harbour is the oldest. Located in the heart of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, it appeals to beach volleyball fans and offers games adapted to children. In summer, anti-medusa nets are deployed, increasing the safety of holidaymakers. Dogs are allowed on part of the Cros dei Pin.

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It is in the south of the peninsula that you will find Les Fosses. The beach is surrounded by villas of character and is extended by a hiking trail. You can also practice snorkeling, renting equipment on the spot if necessary.

Les Fossettes is the ideal beach if you like quiet corners because it is very little frequented. It is another privileged spot for snorkeling lovers.

Don’t be mistaken because in spite of its name, Passable is undeniably a very beautiful beach, partially privatized. The sunshine is simply perfect thanks to the location on the west coast of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat. Remember to go there at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset.

Finally, there is La Paloma, a beach surrounded by greenery on the east coast. The view over Eze and Beaulieu-sur-Mer is breathtaking and you can access a hiking trail from the beach. Celebrities such as Roger Moore, Tom Cruise and Cocteau have enjoyed the private beach and enjoyed themselves!

Visit museums and prestigious villas

Holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean do not exclude historical and cultural visits.

Start with the Shell Museum with its impressive collection of 7000 shells in more than 30 showcases. Some of them are literally microscopic. You’ll need a binocular lens to look at them. Interactive visits are available.

Then go to the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, classified as a Historic Monument. You will be captivated by the Renaissance architecture that flirts with the Venetian style and is also inspired by Spanish architecture. Started in 1905, the construction of the palace did not end until 1912. Allow several hours for the visit as the property covers 10 hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds. You will certainly want to linger in front of the porcelain made in the Royal Manufactory of Sèvre and you will not be indifferent to the rich furniture dating from the 18th century. The exterior will plunge you into an exceptional setting shaped by nine themed gardens. If you don’t have time to visit all of them, give priority to the French garden lulled by musical water fountains every 20 minutes.

Continue this tour with a visit to Villa Santo Sospir, also classified as a Historic Monument. The gentle nickname of “tattooed villa” is due to the frescoes Cocteau decorated the villa with during his many stays on the property. The artist had identified the villa with a young woman. His drawings were, according to him, tattoos delicately engraved on the skin of the residence.

Take beautiful walks around the city

St Jean Cap Ferrat is a peninsula which can be discovered very well along its footpaths. Different itineraries are offered to you, leaving you free to choose the duration and difficulty of your escapade.

The tour of Cap Ferrat is an average route of 4.8 km that connects the Chemin de la Carrière to the beach of Passable. Count about 1h30 for this walk which is nevertheless not recommended if you suffer from vertigo. The course will make you discover the remains of a stone quarry. Along the coast, you will discover palaces before reaching the lighthouse. Take a break and rivet your eyes on the cape of Nice as well as the Esterel massif that looms on the horizon. These are only visible on clear days. Several creeks dot the route.

The 1.3 km route from St Jean Cap Ferrat to Beaulieu sur Mer is an excellent alternative for families. It takes about 20 minutes to complete and is perfectly accessible to children. From the port, follow the Cros dei Pin in the direction of Pointe Fontettes. As you go along, you will see the Ezasque and Turbiasque villages in the distance. Italy is also on the skyline. If you wish, you can take the direction of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild when you arrive at David Niven Square. At Beaulieu sur Mer, don’t forget to stop in front of the Villa Kérylos and why not visit this museum whose architecture will make you feel like you are in Greece.

The path that leads from the Jardin de la Paix to the Paloma beach is also accessible to beginners. Allow 40 to 60 minutes to cover the 1.8 km distance. This trail is ideal for walking around the 6 observation stations at the Pointe Saint-Hospice. Let the aroma of the pines bewitch you while the sea air caresses your skin in an invigorating way. Contemplate the limestone rocks that form an exceptional setting on the path leading to the Saint-Hospice chapel and the marine cemetery. As you go along, you can see Italy and Monaco on the landscape to your right.

Whichever route you choose, it is best to put on good walking shoes and bring a bottle of water. The times are given as an indication only and may vary according to your pace and the contemplative breaks you allow yourself in the middle of the route.

villa saint jean cap ferrat

Discover water activities

Holidays by the sea requires water sports activities to stretch out your arms on the peninsula. Here too, it’s a question of preference and desire. So let yourself be guided by your inspiration of the moment!

If you prefer a quiet activity, think about sea trips. Comfortable boats of various capacities are waiting for you in the harbour. Once away from the coast, you will see the city from a different angle. If you wish, it is possible to book a guided tour. You will understand the history of the region better! Please also note that the outings are by the hour, half day or full day. Walks at dusk are also possible.

We had mentioned snorkeling in the Fosses and Fossettes area, but you can go further into the Mediterranean depths on a dive. Courses for children and adults are offered every summer, with the possibility of registering for private or group lessons.

You like hiking and you love the sea? The aquatic hike offers you the prospect of combining these two passions during the same outing. You will explore the waterways and put your swimming skills to the test in a relaxing context.

The various yacht clubs offer you a wide range of leisure activities, from calm to sensational. You can rent jet skis, paddle boards, go kayaking or try your luck at parasailing. Preferential rates are usually granted if you come in a group.

In short, a well-filled and successful holiday is one that suits your expectations. Start by finding a home that suits you. The real estate agency such as https://www.john-taylor.com may be able to provide you with information on nearby sites and activities, even if you already have some ideas of what can be done in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

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