What happens during an afternoon rafting session ?

A fun activity that provides you with a more sporting experience of rivers, rafting guarantees you unique sensations.

Whether with the family or among friends, the success of this sensational activity depends on its preparation. For those who have decided try out this experience, this article provides information that will be of great help for the organisation of a rafting outing.

The guide’s presentation

This essential step takes place on your arrival. This presentation is carried out by the guide. It will be the occasion for a briefing on both safety and the different methods of navigation on the river.

At this level, the role of the professional is also to provide you with the essential equipment, such as helmets, paddles, lifejackets and wetsuits. At the end of the presentation, the guide will take you to the spot intended for “boarding”. You are now ready for your river experience!


Distribution of roles in the raft

At this point in your afternoon of rafting, your instructor will distribute the crew members around the raft in order to create a balance strength and weight. This will ensure equal propulsion of the craft on both sides.

For this distribution of roles to be fair, the instructor must take into account the capacity and attentiveness of each participant. They will also take into consideration the motivation of each crew member in order to distribute the tasks. Although it is true that the participants in this adventure must have confidence in the guide and their instructions, the guide’s mission will succeed if they manage to create good synergy and genuine team spirit between each participant.

The departure

All the crew is now aboard and you’re off! You must position yourselves in a balanced way on either side of the raft, ensuring that the helmsman, who is the guide, is positioned at the stern with the strongest paddlers sitting at the front. They each have a paddle to propel the raft, which is steered by the guide.

They each have a paddle to propel the raft, which is steered by the guide. That is why you must obey their instructions to the letter. The guide will have carried out many expeditions on the river and knows it perfectly well. The precise location of a bend, a rock or a tree trunk… they know each particularity and potential danger of the course. They know the course to take and will guide you to make it the best experience possible.

Navigating the river

Concentration must be at its maximum when you start your navigation.
Follow your guide’s instructions in order to avoid making any errors. Don’t worry if you do not understand all the technical jargon, the guide will take all the necessary steps to ensure that their instructions are understood.

So, there is nothing to prevent you from confidently enjoying this unique experience. Let yourself be surprised by the richness and beauty of the landscapes while you quietly go down river by raft.

Depending on the planned duration of the activity and according to your wishes, you can make a few stops during the excursion to enjoy the sun, take a few pictures, swim or jump off the rocks.
If you have set aside an entire day, what could be better than to organise a snack or a picnic by the waterside? All this in an exceptional setting in the shade of large trees.


When it is time to land, it unfortunately means that your rafting adventure is over. But of course, all the good things have an end! Once the two paddlers in the bows have landed, all the others can join them on land. So, after reading all that, are you tempted by the rafting experience? Book here for the beautiful Verdon!

In fact, you can book a single afternoon of rafting. In addition to being a great moment of fun with the family or friends, it also provides the opportunity to discover unique landscapes and to push your limits.

Author: Amy Hall