Off Season Luxury Vacation

Spending holiday on an heavenly island in a wonderful villa is a common dream. But is it overpriced or affordable ?


A picture of the Caribbean ocean


A trip in St-Barth…

Going to St. Barthelemy is a dream for many people, especially when it is a tropical playground for the rich and famous. The island is known for its luxury resorts and hotels but also for the most exquisite rental properties that only money can buy. Fortunately, off season, St. Barth is much more affordable when traveling with friends. Many villas for rent aren’t so out of reach.

Try to imagine the perfect picture: You’re far from home, relaxed, the warmth of the sun is delicately heating your body and your toes are dipping in the cool Caribbean water, while you hold a glass of juice with an umbrella in your hand. You have nothing else to do than to take your time and appreciate what life has to offer, in your own luxurious house near the sea.

Too good to be true? Not always.
Off season, vacations allow you to enjoy the pleasures that you wouldn’t even dare to dream of in high-season.

Rent a villa off-season

An example is the Villa African Queen; is one of the most renowned villas on the Caribbean island. Known for having the longest swimming pool of St. Barthelemy, which was built to imitate a lagoon, into which a waterfall flows. The villa is facing the Isle of La Tortue, between the sea and the lagoon. Many guest-stars have taken residence at the Villa African Queen, such as Hailey Gates who did a photo shooting on site. With three suite bedrooms, a full-time manager, caretaker and maid service, the villa can uphold six people for less than $820 per person for a whole week (off season). For the same price as a hotel room, what better way to spend a vacation?


Villa African Queen: a picture near the pool

Many other villas are for rent in St. Barth, and going there off season will be nothing less, than a postcard dream come true.

Author: Amy Hall