Monokini: swimwear between subtlety and voluptuousness

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After the dictatorship of the bikini, we’re now in the era of the one-piece, but a ‘remastered’ version! Now, you’ll still look gorgeous, but in a more subtle way, your figure presented in the best light…

brazilian one-piece

The one-piece: a guaranteed glamourous look

Adapted shapes: guaranteed chic and glamour

The one-piececan be adapted to every shape! It provides an opportunity for creativity, with infinite possibilities regarding shape and colour. Numerous combinations are possible, from top to bottom, as well as the shape or size, pronounced or camouflaged according to the curves of your body. The trikini, an improved version of the one-piece, also made a remarkable entrance onto packed beaches last summer.

Return of the one-piece: it’ll be hot this summer!

One-pieces aren’t only worn by women in the sixties now, or what our grandmothers used to wear. Nowadays, they’re inspired by Brazilian fashions, from the famous ‘bikini’. The bottoms are high-cut, the tops can be in a triangular shape, like a traditional bikini. Each one can be tied behind the neck like a two-piece. The one-piece showcases the feminine form, giving an allure both chic and sexy, class without vulgarity. Tiny fault are subtly hidden. Feminine advantages like the chest, the waist and the bottom are hidden as the stomach is sucked in.

Monokini is now a synonym for…

Elegant and modern shapes: bandeau, plunging neckline, with straps, without straps, high-cut, shorty, skirt, cutout on the tummy, plunging back, curved, striped, triangular, glamourous or sporty.

Class and femininity: With incrusted jewels, pearls, broaches, precious stones… if you choose a black one-piece, high-cut, incrusted with jewels and sown with pearls, it would guarantee glamour.

Diversity: Tawny, ethnic, flowered, single, punchy and pastel colours.

In addition, in the ‘fashion shows’, prestigious designer labels put one-pieces at the forefront of their collections, and the women’s press branded the one-piece as the most feminine swimwear there is.

black swimwear monokini

Let yourself be tempted by the black swimwear, symbol of elegance with new cuts


Infinite styles and shapes

The one-piece is now only connected at the front. The back is identical to a two-piece. This aspect lends it a modern and feminine charm. There are different styles at the top: padded or not, bandeau or triangle. The bottom can be classic, high-cut or shorty. It makes us think of the bodies of dancers or ice-skaters.

Girls in summer can be tempted by the Miss Bikini competitions on the beach. But we say long live the monokini! It’s the perfect swimwear item that’ll make you the siren of the summer.

And you, will you wear a monokini this summer?

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