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Paris, the city of love, has endless choices for you if you are looking for a perfect place for elopement. You can either choose to exchange vows in a quiet and serene place or select an amazing location with iconic Paris landmarks. Worry less if you are looking for beautiful gardens and romantic parks in this capital city. Discover the best places to elope in Paris !

To elope under the Eiffel Tower

As I wrote you about tourist destinations of Canada, “The Iron Lady” is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Paris. It is, therefore, a pleasing idea to have the tower, which is a love landmark, in all your elopement ceremony photos’ backgrounds.  You do not have to worry about crowds when you decide to hold an elopement ceremony near the Eiffel Tower; there are several selected places near the monument that are quiet and perfect for the ceremony.

It is a great idea to exchange vows by a certain small lake nearby or close to the building itself. The choices do not end there; there are many fabulous gardens surrounding the tower to choose from.

elopement at eiffel tower

They just have said “yes” in front of The Eiffel Tower : what a wonderful point of view !


Eloping in Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral

“Lady of Paris”, known by many as Notre Dame is famous iconic Paris landmark. It is one of the most historic catholic churches in the nation. Holding your elopement ceremony in this eminent building is a great idea. Although the destination is often crowded, selecting a competent officiant, to choose the best spot to hold the ceremony comes as a great idea.

Hold your symbolic ceremony on quiet, tranquil, and lovely green spots such as those surrounding the cathedral’s garden. Alternatively, you can celebrate your elopement near Notre Dame, on the riverbank (river Seine’s bank) which is far from the crowd.

eloping at Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a marvelous and romantic background for eloping in Paris


Your intimate elopement photoshoot in other locations in Paris

Besides the Notre Dame and Eiffel Towers, there are many other beautiful gardens and parks to hold a romantic photoshoot elopement in Paris.

  • Bir Hakeim Bridge

Bir Hakeim Bridge should be among your top choices when it comes to selecting a destination to elope in while in Paris. The spot is elegant, photogenic and full of history. It will, therefore, suit all photography lovers from all over the world.

  • Ile St Louis

It is hard to leave Ile St Louis out when you are selecting an ideal place for elopement party. The destination is magnificent and stunning; it will make the ceremony forever memorable.

  • Buttes Chaumont

If you are a nature lover, then this might be the best place to hold an elopement photoshoot. The spot is quiet and serene; its natural settings makes it irresistible. You will get to see one of the most iconic suspended bridges which make your elopement photos look more beautiful.

  • The Louvre

The Louvre is historical : many tourists travel miles to elope in this destination. It is undoubtedly magnificent and ideal place to immortalize your elopement.

  • Other spectacular outdoor choices for elopement ceremony include The Tuileries Garden, Jardin Plantes or at Montmartre.


Make the best selection of elopement spot in Paris. Go for a place that will invoke good memories in future. Finding such a place is simple in Paris; there are endless selections to choose from.

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