10 French behaviors which surprise foreign tourists

France is one of the most touristic countries in the world. And yet, the tourists, beyond the typical stereotypes, are sometimes quite surprised by our daily way of life. Here is an in-depth look at our behaviors which have international ramifications.

Travelers are impressed by our villages and scenic landscape

Travelers are impressed by our villages and scenic landscape

1. Americans are shocked by the behavior of the French who smoke in front of their children.

2. Born in the land of fast-food, Americans are amazed by the body form of the French. They are surprised to see us eat cheese and sausage without damaging our figures. This is the “French Paradox.”

3. Foreign tourists criticize the quality of French services in the hotels, restaurants or even the taxis. We are considered arrogant and have strong with ethnocentric tendencies! This impression is particularly strong in regards to the capital.


France through the eyes of foreign tourists

France through the eyes of foreign tourists

4. The French do not wear shorts so as not to be labeled as tourists.

5. Tourists are surprised to see the French wipe their plates clean using a piece of bread.

6. We avoid topics related to politics, immigration, religion and money.

7. The French do not smile out of politeness; rather they feel an intrinsic need to do so.

8. Cursing other drivers and loudly complaining are commonplace.

9. The French do not know how to speak English. .

10. The French are discreet and introverted. They do not hold conversations in the subway, and this particularly shocks American sensibilities.


Author: Amy Hall